At RōM Shoes, we are a small business that prides itself on find like-minded brands to share space with us in the shop.  It means finding unique shoes and accessories that are crafted with care. Let’s take a stroll around the shop at look at a few of our current favorites from the small, local, and independent brands that we carry.

Fortress of Inca Shoes.  Hand-crafted in Peru, all you have to do is hold one of their shoes to understand the love and care that has gone into making them.  Truly a work of beauty.  Fortress of Inca are an independant brand  that works with family-owned and operated factories and workshops to maintain the quality and craftsmanship. Fortress of Inca always ensure that the working conditions of the people who create their shoes are safe and that they are paid fair wages.  One of the shop favorites is the Abby, a streamlined mule that can be worn all year round with anything from denim to dresses.  Come on in and ask us about some of unique small brands- we love to geek out on them.

Jewelry.  We only stock small batch handmade jewelry from small, (mostly) women owned businesses. You definitely need to come into the shop to see the full rotating collection.  But we do manage to get some of our favorites up before it sells out in the shop.

Bags.  Nothing beats a great bag.  Weather it’s a leather purse or a canvas backpack there is the right bag for every person and every occasion. Local maker JoRose Designs focuses on waxed canvas bags for everyday use, while The Harvest Label provides travel bags with style.

Slippers Some people run hot and some people run cold.  For those that need to layer up in the winter, wool slippers from Green Comfort are just what you need.  Alternately if you’re looking for something a bit cooler- or a year round house shoe, try the traditional moroccan slippers from Socco.