The Art Company – Creta 1250F Sakura

$135.00 $97.00

A closed toe sandal that is made for walking! The cork insole will mold to your foot the more you wear them, creating a footbed designed specifically for you.

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It’s very common these days to communicate the values of a company, and we think that’s fantastic. At The ART Company our values are: strength, quality, innovation and humour. We are in touch with the exact specifics of our values of our brand, but as a company we interpret strength in terms of the company being the hub of all human activity, and that quality has to be omnipresent. We have mentioned before the importance of innovation to us.

And finally, humour. We think it can open doors, diffuse situations and relax tense atmospheres. This good for the general mental health and it makes life easier to not take things too seriously.


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