Asportuguesas City Black


Made in Portugal, the City by Asportuguesa can work as an indoor or outdoor shoe. Great for slipping into after a hike or a run, or when hitting the town. Felted wool upper and cork sole.

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ASPORTUGUESAS are a new footwear concept that was born with the purpose of creating quality, sustainable & eco-friendly footwear. We are proud to be the world’s first Cork flip-flops brand, using a 100% natural raw material that is born from a tree and retrieved every nine years without the tree ever being cut. We are inspired by Nature, and with our unique choice of Natural & Recycled materials we are committed in giving back!


Our blend of rubber & 100% Natural Cork used in our soles, combined with the Sustainable & Recycled materials, allows us to use the least amount of natural resources as possible making ASPORTUGUESAS uniquely sustainable.


Cork is a natural CO2 retainer, able to capture 740 times its weight from the atmosphere. Since the entire ASPORTUGUESAS manufacturing process produces minimal emissions, our CO2 balance is negative, contributing to a much cleaner atmosphere.


The process of extracting cork is an ancestral art, done exclusively by hand. Due to the delicateness of the procedure, workers are extensively trained and no power tools or mechanical tools are used.


All work is done exclusively by local workers, from the extraction to the manufacture of the footwear. This allows for more jobs to be created and maintained in more rural areas of the country, and for cork workers to be the highest paid in the Portuguese agricultural sector.


The cork oak is the only tree whose bark is self-regenerating. This allows for it be extracted every 9 years. Thanks to this unique feature, cork can be harvested without damaging the cork oak, allowing it to live on average up to 200 years.


In every collection we launch, we ensure that our displays, packaging and promotional materials are sustainable. Whenever possible, we use recycled or recyclable materials, with as little ink as possible.


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