Athens Clogs Tan


This classic mule clog style features an unbuckled leather strap and a dark-stained base. Further enhancing its allure, its unique antique brass nail heads are an eye-catching style highlight. The Athens clog is made of Nubuck leather, and its base is sealed with lacquer. Finishing the design is a soft, rubber sole for added comfort.

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Every single pair of clogs is made by hand in Sweden by our talented clog team. Some may say it’s just a shoe, we say it’s a piece of art. Clogs cannot be rushed – one pair takes 24 hours to make with skilled hands and years of experience and knowledge of how to work with natural materials.

We’ve been making clogs by hand since the early 1900s in the forests of Småland, Sweden. Our passion is to make clogs and celebrate traditional Swedish footwear, an artform we believe is worth preserving. We believe in using natural materials and we design our clogs in a timeless Scandinavian design that will become your everyday companion for years to come.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality wooden clogs and clog boots available.


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