El Naturalista – El Viajero N5205 Stella Brown


In search of closed toe sandal to keep you moving all day long? Try on the Stella from El Naturalista, cork insoles, woven leather upper and rubber sole, with just the right amount of support. Hook and loop closure for getting the right fit.

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About El Naturalista:

As a quality guarantee for all our products, we manufacture 100% of our shoes in our three production sites, thus facilitating innovation in processes, a higher quality product and a better relationship with our suppliers.

Our factories are in two locations with a deep-rooted shoemaking tradition: La Rioja in Spain and Tangier in Morocco. Geographically distant places that are united by a common purpose: leather goods. We make our shoes together and, in the process, we strengthen our intercultural links and, out of respect, we create spaces for mutual learning. And in doing so, we pledge our commitment to the diversity and local economic development of the countries of the South.

We believe in supporting local suppliers, accomplishing in this way minimal emissions due to transport, greater transparency and better control and monitoring.

We are responsible with the environment, constantly researching, creating and innovating to attain a sustainable, high quality product, a commitment that we reaffirm through our quality and environment policy.

We work to leave the world a better place than the one we found. We know it’s not easy: there’s a lot to learn and a long road ahead. But we believe that this is the way to change the world, just as nature has done for millions of years.

Because, at El Naturalista, we realise that things can be done better or worse, but we always try to do them better.


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