El Naturalista – Sienna Ibiza NF53

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This model is about the adventurous, relaxed and funny spirit of Ibiza. Its softness looks for the comfort required to enjoy the discovery of magic corners with no stop. They are a replica of the body, designed to absorb the footstep, and adapt to them like a glove. These qualities are possible thanks to its comfort last, its rubber outsole and the treatment of the pull grain leather.

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Hydrofuged leather characterized by irregular grain and softness, which it provides great comfort and a unique look.


2.4 / 2.6 thick hydrofuged leather, to use unlined with special tanning to avoid stretching. The back of the leather is resinated in order to improve its contact with the skin and avoid color transparency.


Rubber gives our soles flexibility and durability. Thus we achieve soles that are comfortable, resistant and biodegradable in 500 years.


This type of shoe stretcher has a slanted design that fits with the natural shape of the foot. It has been made studying the anatomical shape of the foot so that the shoes are replicas of the natural design of our bodies. The styles that have this ergonomic shape do not compress the foot when either walking or at rest, providing great comfort and health with every step.


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