Little Zip Pouch


A tote for every day. Made in the US



At Lady Alamo we strive to create everyday items
that bring joy with each use. Focusing on natural materials,
versatility and of course color, we’ve created a variety of
Zipper Pouches, Backpacks and Reversible bags
that you will want to show off every chance you get.

Why manufacture in-house?

Producing in-house allows our designers, seamstresses

and graphic artists to work closely together, fostering a creative
environment. Lady Alamo’s products are not just one person’s idea,
it’s a collective effort with input from every team member.
Designing and manufacturing under one roof also helps to
ensure a smooth operation and reduces our carbon footprint.

– Made in USA
– 16″ W x 15″ H x 5″ D


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