Spikes X001 Taper Leg 13.5oz American


Made in the US from US denim, Railcar Fine Goods Denim at it’s finest. Made from deadstock 13.5 ounce American Cone Mills denim. Fades to a full character classic blue.  This is a chance to own a piece of denim and Railcar history. True to size. Size to your normally bought jean size.

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  • American Cone Mills 13.5 ounce medium weight, classic indigo warp, white weft, red line selvedge denim.
  • Shell edge interior edge stitching detail.
  • Double waistband construction to reduce waistband over stretch.
  • Railcar branded, made in USA, hardware and traditional washer burr riveting.
  • Vegetable tanned hand embossed branded leather patch.
  • Made in-house at Railcar workshop for the highest quality in El Monte, California on a collection of highly tuned specialized denim equipment.


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