Hi, and welcome to our little shop in St. Johns, Portland.

This is us, right before we opened the shop in 2015

RōM Shoes is a small woman owned boutique shoe store (if you’ve seen me, then you’ll know that the lack of the comma is intentional), that caters to both women and men.

We strive to find brands that are as comfortable as they are stylish, with a preference given to brands that are well versed in good business practices.  In other words, they give a sh*t. Right, because there is so much out there, that simply does not, and we really don’t need to surround ourselves with that. The brands we choose may be employee owned like Dansko or environmentally conscious like El Naturalista, or they may be small brands that employ a few artisans like Jafa or big brands like Timberland that use recycled rubber and have employee incentive to get out and volunteer.  Just know that we do have a reason behind everything that is in our store.  Feel free to ask us about it- we may geek out on it- also feel free to stop us from talking, it’s ok.